Beautiful Tropical Plants in Long Island

Does life seem a little flat and dull lately? Need a little exotic twist to liven you up? We have gorgeous tropical flowers in all sizes, as well as houseplants, patio plants, and exotic edibles. They make for great gifts!

Banana Tree

● Rich, dark, fertile soils
● 9 months to grow bananas
● Can be over wintered


  ● Full sun
  ● Vine
  ● Thorns
  ● Pink flower, white center

 Canna Lily

● Bulb
● Colorful leaves and flowers
● Use in beds or large containers


  ● Native to New Zealand
  ● Many different textured plants
  ● Bright fuchsia color


  ● Variegated leaf
  ● Low maintenance
  ● Drought tolerant

  Elephant’s Ear

  ● Bulb
  ● 2-6ft tall
  ● Can overwinter in a humid, cool,          location

 Golden shrimp

  ● Native to Peru
  ● White and yellow flowers
  ● 1-2ft tall and wide


  ● 5-6ft
  ● Other varieties are winter hardy
  ● White/ivory flowers


  ● Other varieties are winter hardy
  ● Many vibrant colors
  ● Large, full flowers


  ● 3-4ft tall
  ● Glossy leaf
  ● Pink, red flowers
  ● Can grow as a vine or bush

  Passion Flower

  ● Full sun to part sun
  ● 10-12ft tall vine
  ● Attracts butterflies
Enhance your landscaping with hardy and beautiful plants! Call our nursery at (631) 265-8093.
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