Call us at 631-265-8093 for more information on any of our offered services.

  • We offer delivery of all products, including paving stones, mulch, sand, gravel, and plants.
  • Machine Rentals- Wheelbarrows, tampers, aerators, spreaders, thatchers, rototillers, blowers available at full day or 1/2 day rates.
  • Pest and Disease identification, and recommendations for treatment.
  • Plant identification.
  • Landscape Design- Bring in a photo or sketch of the area you want to work on, and our staff will help you find the perfect plants!
  • Soil Testing- Bring in a sample (around a cups worth) of soil, up to three different areas of you yard, in seperate containers. We will test for pH and NPK and visually assess the quality of your soil, and advice on how to fix problem areas.
  • Planting and Repotting services available.

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