In addition to our fully stocked Garden Center and Nursery Yard, Olsen’s also carries bagged and bulk materials, ready to go for home delivery or pick up. Bulk materials are sold suited for your needs, in quantities as little as a half yard and up. Call us at 631-265-8093 for pricing and special deals, or for help picking the right material for the project you are working on!

Not sure how much to order? One Yard of mulch is equal to 100 square feet of material, spread to a depth of three inches. Measure the length and width of the area you are working with and multiply to figure out the square footage. Three inches is the depth recommended for new beds for proper weed supression and water retention. Less may be needed if you are top dressing beds with existing mulch.

ex: To mulch a new garden bed 60 feet long by 3 feet wide – 60′ x 3′ = 180 square feet. At three inches deep, approximately two yards of mulch would be needed.

Working with a strange shaped bed or not sure how deep you need to go? Call us, and we will happily help you figure out how much material you need for the project at hand.

Nearly all of our bulk materials are also available in bags for smaller projects. Some numbers to keep in mind to help you decide if bulk is appropriate for the project you are working on, and if it will save you money:

One Yard of Mulch equals:

100 square feet, with a three inch depth

27 cubic feet

9 – 3 cubic ft bags

14 – 2 cubic ft bags

52 – 40lb bags


Available Mulch:

Wood Mulches -Natural wood mulch is great for tidying up beds, conserving water, and smothering weeds.

Shredded Brown Mulch

Brown Mulch - Brown mulch is undyed and offers a natural look. It is less expensive than dyed mulches. Brown mulch comes in bags and by the yard. We also carry Organic Estate Brown mulch in bags.

Shredded Black Mulch

Shredded Red Mulch

Black and Red Mulch – Black and Red mulches are dyed with natural dyes, safe for the environment and your family. Black and red mulch have a more structured, eye catching appearance than brown mulch. Black and Red mulch are available in bags and by the yard.

Natural Cedar Mulch – Cedar mulch is more resistant to rot than other natural wood mulches. It is also repellant to some types of insects. Cedar mulch comes undyed, as well as dyed black and brown in bags and undyed in 2 1/2 yard bins.

Pine Bark Nuggets – Pine bark is a natural, undyed mulch with a slow decomposition rate. It comes in regular and mini sized nuggets. Pine Bark mulch is only available in bags.

Sweet Peet

Compost – Our compost is rich, dark Sweet Peet. Besides being a great soil conditioner, it’s also a high quality mulch for top dressing both new and established plantings. Sweet Peet is available in bags and by the yard. We also cary L.I. Compost and Composted Manure in bags.


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