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Perennials are plants that come back every year. Be it for flowers or foliage, a perennial is a plant that will keep on giving in your garden year after year, making them an excellent investment in your landscape. All of the listed perennials are hardy in our local zone (zone 7 here on Long Island), and many are hardy to much colder zones as well.

Below are some regularly stocked perennials at Olsen’s Nurseries. Many other, less common varieties and plants are also available. Please call for current availability.  All photographs property of Olsen’s Discount Nurseries

Baptisia ‘Twilight Prairie’


Common Names – False Indigo

Full Sun to Partial Shade. Deer Resistant.

This distinctive, native perennial is a real show stopper when in bloom. Long spikes of sweet pea like flowers in indigo-blue rise up to two feet tall in mid to late spring. A native of the great plains, once established it thrives with little maintenance. They grow best in full sun, though tolerate light shade. If planted in partial shade, Baptisia may need to be staked.




Common Names – Forget-Me-Not, Heartleaf Brunnera, Siberian Bugloss

Partial Shade to Full Shade. Deer and Rabbit Resistant

This true perennial version of Forget-Me-Nots may be best known for their small, true blue, spring time flowers- but the handsome, heartshaped foliage the rest of the growing season is not to be overlooked. A mound forming perennial that seldom grows more than 18” tall, Brunnera come in several varieties, many of which have interesting, frosted or variegated foliage for full season interest in the shade garden.

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