Edible Plants in Long Island

Looking to feel empowered and independent? Eating your own plants is the perfect first step towards a healthier, more self-sufficeint lifestyle. Our edible plants are delicious, exciting, and provide a great family bonding experience. Nothing is more communal or fun than eating edible plants. At Olsens Nursery, we have beautiful annual plants and edible plants for you to choose from. Give us a call today!

Apple Trees:  Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Yellow Delicious

Apricot Trees:  Chinese, Tilton, Tomcot

Blueberry Bushes:  Blueberry Gaze, Jelly Bean, Northsky, Peach Sorbet, Perpetua, Pink Icing, Pink Lemonade

Boysenberry Bushes:  Thornless

Raspberry Bushes:  Fall Gold, Shortcake

Gooseberry Bushes:  Pixel

Cherry Trees:  Balaton, Bing Sweet, Black Tartarian, Gold, Lapins, Montmorency, Rainier, Regina, Virginia Schubert

Fig Trees:  Celeste, Hardy Bensonhurst Purple, Italian Everbearing, Vern’s Brown Turkey

Lemon Trees:  Meyer

Mulberry Trees:  Curly

Nectarine Trees:  Arctic Glow, Flavortop, Garden Delight, Hardired, Independence, Mericrest, Red Gold

Peach Trees:  Belle of Georgia, Blushingstar, Bonanza, Bonfire, Canadian Harmony, Contender, Coral Star, Eleberta, Galaxy, Glowing Star, Madison, Redhaven, Red Star, Reliance, Starfire

Pear Trees:  Asian Pear Shinko/Shinseiki Duo

Persimmon Trees:  Chocolate

Plum Trees:  Burgundy, Elephant Heart, Friar, Mount Royal, Santa Rosa, Satsuma, Shiro, Stanley

Grape Vines:  Cabernet Franc, Pinot White, Riesling

Strawberry Vines:  Lipstick, Temptation, Wonderful Pineberry

Enhance your landscaping with hardy and beautiful plants! Call our nursery at (631) 265-8093.
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