Christmas Trees are here!

Oh my goodness the Christmas trees are here!

Very exciting. We’re all ready (little details like getting those hundreds of trees *off* of the the trailer, you know?) for you. The trees are ready, the wreaths are ready….

The wreaths make the empty green house seem not as sad.

And the guys are ready!

Enormous wreaths! But we also carry smaller options!

 The weather has been mild, and set up rather pleasant. Enjoying these last sunny days while we can.

In place but not unwrapped by the koi pond.

All ready to go!

We are open Monday through Saturday at 7:30am. While the office closes at 5pm this time of year, we’re out in the yard until 9pm for Christmas Tree sales. We are also open Sunday, 9am to 9pm, just for the Christmas Trees. Remember, we are at our Lake Avenue location this year! Hope to see you soon!

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